Detox Program

What is a Detox?

It is a trendy word that we hear a lot at every change of season or after the excesses of winter holidays.

But the act of detoxifying the body should be taken quite seriously, as it can lead to a true gain in energy and health. In fact, it is about getting rid of the toxins accumulated in the body, which, when in excess, can slow down the process of cell regeneration.

When the body is overloaded due to a diet too rich in fats and sugars, assailed by a stressful routine or inefficiently managed emotions, our organs that are responsible for eliminating the toxic load are overwhelmed, and most of the toxins just stay where they are.

At Château du Launay, we have supervised detoxification diets since 2011, based on the principles of naturopathy:

The Basics of Naturopathy:

  • Adopt a healthy diet with live nutrients
  • Move your body by doing physical exercise
  • Learn how to cope with stress, because our mental and emotional balance is just as important as our physical balance
  • Connect with nature: breathing is a vital need
  • Take care of yourself: different gentle therapies can help the body recover its full capacity

At Château du Launay, we offer:

4 Detox Diet Programs

Each of 7 or 4 days

Creative Gourmet Detox

Creative Gourmet Detox

Par sa douceur, cette cure conviendra à tous les profils, elle permet grâce à un repos digestif de quelques heures sans repas, de profiter de tous les bienfaits minceur et régénérants d’une détoxination en profondeur.
Outre cette initiation au jeûne séquentiel, vous pourrez profiter pleinement de la cuisine créative et gourmande de notre chef, pour un séjour riche en expériences, en couleurs et en saveurs.

Veggie Detox

Veggie Detox

Immerse yourself in delicious frugality!

This detox diet is for all those who want to do a gentle detox and increase their vitality.

Composed mainly of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables from organic and as much as possible local farming, it has been specially designed to rebalance the body’s pH, provide vitamins and minerals and gently detoxify the liver..

Juicing and Mono Diet

Juicing and Mono Diet

The mono diet is for all those who have specific needs and who want a perfectly tailored diet.

The aim is to eat only one type of food, or even only one food item (juice, green juice, carrot, apple, banana, rice, buckwheat, grape) which has specific health-promoting characteristics (remineralization, detoxification, drainage or regeneration of the digestive system).

Serene Fasting Detox

Serene Fasting Detox

This diet is composed of liquids only (herbal teas, vegetable juice or broths depending on the season) to ensure a very low-calorie intake with a good quantity of high-quality vitamins and minerals.

We recommend that you prepare yourself for fasting before your stay. During and after your stay, you will be followed by a team of competent health professionals who are familiar with the practice of fasting.

Our customized programs are true journeys to recover your health:

They all have 3 components:

  • A specific diet (from water fasting to a tasteful diet program – the Gourmet Detox Diet),
  • Exercising (daily hikes, yoga, swimming, sauna, hammam), and
  • Body treatments (performed by our professionals who excel in their fields).

Relearn How to Eat Properly.

Eating and drinking is what we do every day. This is what gives energy to our cells. But somehow, we underestimate the importance of what we eat and just go for the quickest way to fill our stomach and feel satiated…
Eating well is not just about eating organic food, or eating whatever we feel like. And nutritionists shouldn’t be the only ones to know the secrets of a healthy diet!

At Château du Launay, we don’t give “ready-made” recipes, instead we give you the keys to understand the basics of a good diet and to be conscious of who produces the food you eat. This is the reason why we deeply believe in a qualitative, organic and seasonal approach, with as much local food as possible. We will also share with you our naturopathic knowledge so that you can see how simple it can be to eat healthily, while bringing tons of good nutrients into your body and savoring each bite or sip of your meal.
And if you choose the fasting option, you will see how fasting in a group full of positive energy will make the experience even more enjoyable and good for your health!

The Benefits of Walking

Walking is definitely good for your health. Walking in a dynamic manner activates the cellular function thanks to a better blood and lymphatic circulation and more oxygen intake.

Walking strengthen the bones, fortifies the digestive organs and cardiac muscles and boosts blood circulation and excretory functions.

The kidneys, lungs, liver, skin and intestines are more apt to cleanse the body of its waste, thereby improving the metabolic performance of your body.

Walking has an even greater impact on your health when associated with a wellness fasting or a lighter and more vegan diet. Taking a walk in the forest is ideal, as your cells fill with pure oxygen and your body naturally connects to the elements that surround it.

The energy of the trees, the earth under your feet and the sky high above all become one, and make you feel extremely calm and peaceful.

An Inner Revolution

How can I truly take care of myself?
How can I keep or find long-lasting vitality?
How can I feel alive and connected to nature?
How can I cope calmly with my emotions?

Preventive, holistic and alternative medicines such as naturopathy have very simple answers to those questions. It’s a philosophy and an art of living that invites you to take a different path in your life. It’s all about regaining your own power of revitalization and self-healing. The more you listen to your body and respect it, the more it renews itself, gets rid of toxins and repairs itself. Your mind can finally calm down.

It’s such a joy feeling truly alive and fulfilled as our body physically, mentally and emotionally revitalizes and finds its equilibrium again.

Bibliography (in French):

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